IT Systems Implementation - past and future

IT systems implementation past and future

IT Systems Implementation - past and future

Old timers sticking to the traditional project strategies of IT systems implementation must change as they may no longer be relevant in current times.

The early days challenges were primarily dealing with;
a) user acceptance for an IT system as a  replacement to their existing manual ways of doing things.
b) And, fear of losing a job due to computers.

And to manage these two factors, the IT project implementation schedules had to be long enough and mostly follow the waterfall model.

What would you call an "Apple"?

What would you call an "Apple"?

What would you call an "Apple"?

Simple....isn't it?

What if your boss asks this question?

Smart Folks

Red apple, ripen apple, beautiful apple, life giving apple, healthy apple, nature's gift, sweet apple, soothing apple, represents the inner self, growth, management, customers....

Smarter Folks

Stay mum (why take a chance?)

Smartest Folks (and the risk takers)


It's always simple...

The individual's scale of right and wrong

The individual's scale of right and wrong

Human behaviour is unique in many ways unlike other living beings.

One of them is "being judgemental"!

I am not sure what behaviour theorists say about this, I would certainly like to share my point of view based on my past experience or call it being judgemental ;-)

Fundamental question; is being judgemental bad?

I don't have an answer. But, I guess most are judgemental at times about people.

One of the most common reasons could be "believing someone's view/opinion" about an individual or a group.

ULTIRAGS Social Network Posts ...

ULTIRAGS Social Network Posts ...

Here are few of ULTIRAGS Social Network Posts ...

While i was away from my blog, it meant i was expressive elsewhere :-)

#43 - FB-25Mar2018
Suddenly, a thought struck to me...delete my FB account!
I have been using it as a forum to express. Probably one a week and when I have a story....not sure how addicted I am to Facebook and what could be the withdrawal symptoms ??. But, I want to give it a shot. Have done it for smoking....hopefully it would work this time as well.

If you wish to make your words more powerful and appealing, add numbers to it!

Make your words more powerful appealing add numbers to it

If you wish to make your words more powerful and appealing, add numbers to it!

Words are certainly mightier than sword. Sometimes, the usage of words fails to grab the attention we seek.

What do we do?

One way could be add some numbers to it and make it more appealing!

Let’s examine the below statement:

“I work so hard supporting my customers but I am not recognized.”

Let’s add some numbers to this statement --> quantifying the word “Hard

Modified statement:

The missing piece!

The missing piece!

I keep wondering if I had a chance add something to my school syllabus, what could they be?

At least these two;

1) How to take a Decision?
2) Understanding what money is?

Mostly, I learned these two at home or by myself. I can say it could have been better if I had a structured way. Because, they both seem to have some science involved. I must admit they are surely an area of my improvement even now.

Electricity....can't imagine life without it!

Electricity....can't imagine life without it!

Suddenly lights went off today while watching one of my favorite TV show.

Electricity....can't imagine life without it!
Everything in today's world depends on it including our "integral organ", the mobile!

Out of curiosity, I looked for the age of electricity in India and the world. Here is what I have found...
Electricity is just about 134 years old and in India it's about 117 years old.

The monkey is too persistent to let go!

The monkey is too persistent to let go!

My friend Prashanth Godrehal retold this interesting story. Read on you may also like it. Make your inferences! (Source: internet)

This story is about a species of monkey, spider monkey.

The spider monkey is really a tiny critter native to South and Central America. This monkey is quick as lightning and a tough one to catch in the wild. For years hunters have tried to shoot these monkeys with tranquilizer guns or catch them in nets. No luck...the monkeys are faster than the fastest net and able to dodge the tranquilizers.

Is your task most likely to be procrastinated?

Click here to find out "If your task is most likely to be procrastinated?".

Few of my students were scheduled to take a test yesterday. But, none of them took it!

While all had some reasons or other, i personally feel they were a victim of procrastination. All of us procrastinate at different times.

OpenEdge® ABL and XML - Essentials

OpenEdge® ABL and XML - Essentials

Introduction to XML


EXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a software and hardware independent tool for storing and transporting data.
That say’s it all! XML are flat files designed to carry data - with focus on what data is.


XML history begins with the development of Standardized Generalized Markup Language (SGML) in the 1970’s by Charles Goldfarb along with Ed Mosher and Ray Lorie while working at IBM (Anderson, 2004).


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