Electricity....can't imagine life without it!

Electricity....can't imagine life without it!

Suddenly lights went off today while watching one of my favorite TV show.

Electricity....can't imagine life without it!
Everything in today's world depends on it including our "integral organ", the mobile!

Out of curiosity, I looked for the age of electricity in India and the world. Here is what I have found...
Electricity is just about 134 years old and in India it's about 117 years old.

The electrification of Kolkata city took place seventeen years after New York, which boasted of Electricity in 1882 and eleven years after London, which was electrified in 1888.

The first hydroelectric installation in India (and first in Asia) was installed near a tea estate at Sidrapong for the Darjeeling Municipality in 1897.

The first electric streetlight in Asia was lit on 5 August 1905 in Bangalore (wow).

It appears as if it's been there for centuries. It is difficult for our children living in cities to imagine how would life be without electricity.

Today, I used the old fashioned green lantern. My kids loved it.

Do not dispose your old lantern! You never know.

Wishing everyone a very happy Ganesha Chaturthi. May your life be illuminated. Conserve the energy!

Author: Raghuraman Kadambi
Image Credits: NA
References: Wikipedia

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