IT Systems Implementation - past and future

IT systems implementation past and future

IT Systems Implementation - past and future

Old timers sticking to the traditional project strategies of IT systems implementation must change as they may no longer be relevant in current times.

The early days challenges were primarily dealing with;
a) user acceptance for an IT system as a  replacement to their existing manual ways of doing things.
b) And, fear of losing a job due to computers.

And to manage these two factors, the IT project implementation schedules had to be long enough and mostly follow the waterfall model.

These two reasons may no longer be relevant today. The implementations must be fast to be successful. Yes, there are new challenges but not these two.

The tables seem to have turned now, its time for the IT project managers and consultants to change their mindsets instead of changing the customer's.

It's time to rethink, redesign and adopt to a new project implementation strategies....☺

Tough change; but worth the try to be relevant...

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