If you wish to make your words more powerful and appealing, add numbers to it!

Make your words more powerful appealing add numbers to it

If you wish to make your words more powerful and appealing, add numbers to it!

Words are certainly mightier than sword. Sometimes, the usage of words fails to grab the attention we seek.

What do we do?

One way could be add some numbers to it and make it more appealing!

Let’s examine the below statement:

“I work so hard supporting my customers but I am not recognized.”

Let’s add some numbers to this statement --> quantifying the word “Hard

Modified statement:

“I work 14 hours a day and support an average of about 85 customers calls a day but I am not recognized.”

The second statement may most likely grab the attention you seek!


Application of its usage would be the key.

Strong candidates to apply (but not limited to), if you have numbers in your favor;

1) Your annual appraisal.
2) Apply in work situations where you wish to present a strong point.
3) Customer presentations.
4) And more…

Do not apply in situations below (but not limited to);
1) If numbers are not in your favor, stick to words ;-)
2) Even if numbers are in your favor, possibility of grabbing your spouse attention could lead to severe consequences ;-).

Do we need to consider sample data size for “Numbers”?

--> Yes (but nobody cares ;-)).

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