The monkey is too persistent to let go!

The monkey is too persistent to let go!

My friend Prashanth Godrehal retold this interesting story. Read on you may also like it. Make your inferences! (Source: internet)

This story is about a species of monkey, spider monkey.

The spider monkey is really a tiny critter native to South and Central America. This monkey is quick as lightning and a tough one to catch in the wild. For years hunters have tried to shoot these monkeys with tranquilizer guns or catch them in nets. No luck...the monkeys are faster than the fastest net and able to dodge the tranquilizers.

Someone made an interesting discovery. If you have a clear, narrow- necked glass bottle, put one peanut inside the bottle and wait and you'll catch a monkey.

How is this possible and what happens? The monkey sees the peanut in the bottle and reaches for the peanut. Now he can't withdraw his hand because he grips the peanut in a death grip and will not let go! Also, the bottle is too heavy for him to take it away and the hunter easily snatches the monkey. The monkey is too persistent to let go.

My thoughts:

1) Considering myself as the monkey (which I am ;-)). I am stubborn and won't let go my way of doing things, even if I am putting myself at risk!

2) Now, considering myself as the Hunter (am I not?). There must always a way out! Every situation has some weakness, discover the weakness and plan to overcome.

Author: Raghuraman Kadambi
Image Credit: By Patrick Müller - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
References: Multiple sources (ex. )

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