My Visible Gods!

Sun and Water - The Visible God!

I was on my usual evening walk today at a nearby lake.

The sun was about to set...I got stunned with the view and became speechless. This is surely not the first time i felt like this.

It reminded me of what my friend Daljit Singh Rana once said "Sun is the only visible God".

What i am writing today is known to all and written by many! All those who have written must have felt the same as i felt today and in the past, "Seeing the visible God!".

How to publish an OpenEdge® Web Service – an overview

How to publish an OpenEdge® Web Service – an overview

In one of my previous article we talked about the accessing a non-progress web service from progress OpenEdge® ABL.

Refer to the article Accessing non Progress® Application via WebService for more information. During this webinar, few participant requested for a tutorial on the publishing an OpenEdge® web services.

7 Minutes Could Change The Way You Manage Your Projects!

7 Minutes Could Change The Way You Manage Your Projects!

Many times organizations and project managers are afraid of implementing good practices in project management fearing they would consume more time.

While their fear is unrealistic, it could not be ignored as a factor impacting a successful implementation.

Implementation could be two steps;

  1. Implement basic processes
  2. Once the basic processes implementation is successful, other processes could be tailored to suit to your organization.

This video would provide you with my tips on managing your real world project better.

What is Project Management?

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Let's take a small project "Tea preparation for 100 people" (milk added).

Now, if two people have been given this project separately, how are the chances that the taste of the tea (project outcome) would be the same?

Most likely, the taste may differ!

What if both of them have been given a common set of instruction to prepare the tea?

Most likely, the taste may be consistent.

What is a Project?

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But before that, let’s find out what is not a project!

Let’s look at an activity such as an accounting clerk processing monthly salaries for the company staff. He would do this at least once every month with few exceptions in number of staff and their salary updates. The process would probably be standardised. And hence, this activity is more of an operation.

A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. This means that a project has a definitive beginning and an end.

History of Project Management

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Project management is perhaps one of the oldest management disciplines that started with earliest known civilization.

One could easily draw parallel between software developers of today back through time to the builders of Egyptian pyramids or builders of Taj Mahal. For their respective eras, the project managers have played similar roles, applying solutions to their respective project problems. Yet, it is not uncommon to the software developers not paying attention to the lesions learned from the past.

Pursue the change, not the dream!

Pursue the change, not the dream!
  • One evening after my work was over; I emailed my resignation. The reasons were not clear to me at that time. I was desperate to do it! Why did I do that?   
  • One of my friends working in an international organization one day informed me that he has decided to step down from his current leadership role and take up a project as a program manager. He added “I want to do something disruptive”. What prompted him to take that decision?

Accessing non Progress Application via WebService – An overview

Accessing non Progress Application via WebService

Introduction to Web Services
A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network (Machine-to-Machine).

The W3C defines a Web service generally as:
“a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network”. (Source:

Project Constraint vs. Project Baseline


“Complete the project in 6 months.”
“Complete the project within $ 100 Million.”
“The outcome of the project must have following features…”

The above statements are examples of project constraints. Traditionally; Time, Cost and Scope are considered as triple constraints. We all know that!  However, we need to understand that these are project boundaries and not project targets!

Often, the project team plans the project keeping these as target and end up not meeting them.
Think about the following situations:


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