How to configure the OpenEdge debugger for use with Unix / Linux sessions


The message statements used by the developers for debugging Progress® OpenEdge® application are considered by many as “Fools way of debugging!”.

When I heard it for the first time, I asked “What are our other alternatives considering most of the developers work on UNIX/Linux Environment and OpenEdge® Character version?”.

Chinese Whispers, an interesting game of communication

Chinese Whispers, an interesting game of communication

In my fourth grade(standard), i was invited by a group to play "passing the word". I was playing this game for the first time.

The game - kids form a circle. You are expected to whisper the English word that was whispered in your ears to your neighboring kid.

The game started. I passed on the first word. The first round completed and I was out of the game.

The word was "Vasco Da Gama" and i passed on "Ice Cream Tanana".

Communication Lessons:

Six Benefits of using a Software for Project Scheduling and Tracking

Six benefits of using a Software for Project Scheduling and Tracking

Have you ever wondered why most projects suffer?

While there are many reasons, the one that could top is “Poor Project Progress Visibility”.

When the project team is asked the question “who is doing what & when?”; you would perhaps hear them saying “that is micro management!” Well, that is project management and that is the whole idea. Any project cannot be controlled if it is planned at high level.

Two challenges;
a) how do I plan and
b) later how do use this plan?

Management Quotes by Sreedher Kadambi

At the doorstep of every year, I recollect several doorsteps I have stood by, with a new ray of hope emerging every time. I am not sure and don’t worry about how many people I managed to change, but I uphold, with every take on I have changed myself.

The quotes below capture my treasured learning earned with a decade’s work of simplifying change and Continuous Improvement.

It is a pleasure to share them with you.

Sreedher Kadambi
Author, Consultant

10X Reduction in Lead Time, A Lean Six Sigma success story

10X Reduction in Lead Time, A Lean Six Sigma success story

Set your own Benchmark

A couple of days back General Manager of a certain company asked us to suggest a suitable benchmark for his organization in certain area of concern.  

“Why don’t you set one yourself?"

“Need, is to believe that no problem exists without solution!” 

I hope this story provides both insight and inspiration to believe – ‘nothing is impossible’, especially when your energies on efforts in the right direction. 

Let Go!

Let Go!

“Paaji” (as we fondly call him) seemed confused with my suggestion and did not get the context. Especially when he was still recovering from a recent debacle called “get together”. Till yesterday afternoon, he was excited and looking forward to the planned “get-together”. After all, old college friends were meeting after long time, some of them on vacation to India, after few years. On probing further, he expressed his displeasure meeting and partying with some of them. It so happened that he ended up paying the entire restaurant bill and it was a significant amount. I realized it was not about the money; it was the behaviour that hurt him, since he did not expect people to handover the bill over to him and vanish from the scene. It was a shocker for him, since his definition of close friends and expectations from them were different. Surely, Paaji was upset and did want to do something that makes him feel better? I feel fight or confrontation may not always be the best idea.

10 Common Project Scheduling Mistakes

10 Common Project Scheduling Mistakes Small

What is project schedule?

A plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times.

The origin of the word “Schedule” could be dated back to the following

  • late Middle English (in the sense “scroll, explanatory note, appendix”)
  • from old French cedule,
  • from late Latin schedula “slip of paper” and
  • from Greek skhedē “papyrus leaf”

The word “Schedule” could have been come to use from the mid 19th century.

The Monthly Menu Planning

The Monthly Menu Planning

I like being spontaneous in my personal life events. And the same thing holds good for my wife as well! Great mind think alike (I hope my wife is reading this)!

I feel one of the most daunting tasks every day is getting our children ready for the school. For the most part, the primary responsibility is assumed to be with the mother, at least in this part of the world!

Work breakdown structure (WBS) - A powerful Project Management Tool

Work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Is your project experiencing frequent changes?
  • Is your project experiencing scope creep?
  • Are you worried that you having missed scheduling a deliverable or an activity?
  • Are you worried that project may not meet the cost baseline established?
  • You do not have enough information in scheduling the activities?


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