When did you last invest on your self-development?

When did you last invest on your self development
  1. How much money have you invested in fixed deposits?
  2. Are you planning to buy new stocks?
  3. Are you planning a new house?
  4. Which school will you apply for your child's addmission?

I am sure most of you will have an answer to these questions. Try answering the next question.

In the last 5 years, how many self-sponsored programs have you attended to upgrade yourself?

Be straight to yourself! Your answer could also be none! The good news is, you are not alone.

Asking the right question

Asking the right question

How many questions on an average do you ask per day?

Asking or answering questions is an integral part of our communications. In our everyday personal and professional lives we either ask or answer a host of questions.

Some interesting statistics are as:

How to create a realistic to-do-list?

Things To Do List

Many a times we either forget an activity / task or something else catches our attention in that day.

This could potentially lead to work dissatisfaction. In other words, your work satisfaction could directly be impacted by "how the day was spent".

Few statements below can be related in the above context: 

Bangalore Fort - tale of a city

Bangalore Fort - Delhi Darwaja (Gate)

History is considered to be one of the most significant schools of learning.  We get lot many teachings through the past accounts still it leaves behind many questions unanswered.

In a quest to gain knowledge about my city Bangaluru (Bangalore), I visited the Bangalore fort which is now ruins and is located in city of Bangalore. This is now a protected monument under Archeological Survey of India. Who would have ever guessed that the present day KR Market (Krishna Rajendra Market) and KR Market - bus stand was once a battlefield in late 18th Century.

Competency Development Vs Training Completion

Competency Development

Competence (or competency) is the ability of an individual to do a job properly.

A competency development program could mean improving the ability of an individual to do his job properly!

Generally, most of the training program begins with a title of "competency development" program but ends up with “training imparted” or “training completed” status. This in reality is incomplete learning and often the essence of “competency development” is lost!


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