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The individual's scale of right and wrong

The individual's scale of right and wrong

Human behaviour is unique in many ways unlike other living beings.

One of them is "being judgemental"!

I am not sure what behaviour theorists say about this, I would certainly like to share my point of view based on my past experience or call it being judgemental ;-)

Fundamental question; is being judgemental bad?

I don't have an answer. But, I guess most are judgemental at times about people.

One of the most common reasons could be "believing someone's view/opinion" about an individual or a group.

The missing piece!

The missing piece!

I keep wondering if I had a chance add something to my school syllabus, what could they be?

At least these two;

1) How to take a Decision?
2) Understanding what money is?

Mostly, I learned these two at home or by myself. I can say it could have been better if I had a structured way. Because, they both seem to have some science involved. I must admit they are surely an area of my improvement even now.

The monkey is too persistent to let go!

The monkey is too persistent to let go!

My friend Prashanth Godrehal retold this interesting story. Read on you may also like it. Make your inferences! (Source: internet)

This story is about a species of monkey, spider monkey.

The spider monkey is really a tiny critter native to South and Central America. This monkey is quick as lightning and a tough one to catch in the wild. For years hunters have tried to shoot these monkeys with tranquilizer guns or catch them in nets. No luck...the monkeys are faster than the fastest net and able to dodge the tranquilizers.

Is your task most likely to be procrastinated?

Click here to find out "If your task is most likely to be procrastinated?".

Few of my students were scheduled to take a test yesterday. But, none of them took it!

While all had some reasons or other, i personally feel they were a victim of procrastination. All of us procrastinate at different times.

My Visible Gods!

Sun and Water - The Visible God!

I was on my usual evening walk today at a nearby lake.

The sun was about to set...I got stunned with the view and became speechless. This is surely not the first time i felt like this.

It reminded me of what my friend Daljit Singh Rana once said "Sun is the only visible God".

What i am writing today is known to all and written by many! All those who have written must have felt the same as i felt today and in the past, "Seeing the visible God!".

Pursue the change, not the dream!

Pursue the change, not the dream!
  • One evening after my work was over; I emailed my resignation. The reasons were not clear to me at that time. I was desperate to do it! Why did I do that?   
  • One of my friends working in an international organization one day informed me that he has decided to step down from his current leadership role and take up a project as a program manager. He added “I want to do something disruptive”. What prompted him to take that decision?

Let Go!

Let Go!

“Paaji” (as we fondly call him) seemed confused with my suggestion and did not get the context. Especially when he was still recovering from a recent debacle called “get together”. Till yesterday afternoon, he was excited and looking forward to the planned “get-together”. After all, old college friends were meeting after long time, some of them on vacation to India, after few years. On probing further, he expressed his displeasure meeting and partying with some of them. It so happened that he ended up paying the entire restaurant bill and it was a significant amount. I realized it was not about the money; it was the behaviour that hurt him, since he did not expect people to handover the bill over to him and vanish from the scene. It was a shocker for him, since his definition of close friends and expectations from them were different. Surely, Paaji was upset and did want to do something that makes him feel better? I feel fight or confrontation may not always be the best idea.

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