The missing piece!

The missing piece!

I keep wondering if I had a chance add something to my school syllabus, what could they be?

At least these two;

1) How to take a Decision?
2) Understanding what money is?

Mostly, I learned these two at home or by myself. I can say it could have been better if I had a structured way. Because, they both seem to have some science involved. I must admit they are surely an area of my improvement even now.

Many decisions are driven by emotions. It is a good technique in few situations, but does not fit in every situation. Buying a car or an electronic gadget could surely be examples where we have seen emotions forming a basis for decisions. But, if i try the same at my workplace, it could turnout to be a bad decision.

And money, I have been taught to save from what i earn and the objective "for my rainy days". Saving is just one aspect. How about multiplying money or a taking a decision resulting in making money (ethically)?

Are my children also missing these pieces?

Author: Raghuraman Kadambi
Linkedin: The missing piece!

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