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IT Systems Implementation - past and future

IT systems implementation past and future

IT Systems Implementation - past and future

Old timers sticking to the traditional project strategies of IT systems implementation must change as they may no longer be relevant in current times.

The early days challenges were primarily dealing with;
a) user acceptance for an IT system as a  replacement to their existing manual ways of doing things.
b) And, fear of losing a job due to computers.

And to manage these two factors, the IT project implementation schedules had to be long enough and mostly follow the waterfall model.

Is your task most likely to be procrastinated?

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Few of my students were scheduled to take a test yesterday. But, none of them took it!

While all had some reasons or other, i personally feel they were a victim of procrastination. All of us procrastinate at different times.

7 Minutes Could Change The Way You Manage Your Projects!

7 Minutes Could Change The Way You Manage Your Projects!

Many times organizations and project managers are afraid of implementing good practices in project management fearing they would consume more time.

While their fear is unrealistic, it could not be ignored as a factor impacting a successful implementation.

Implementation could be two steps;

  1. Implement basic processes
  2. Once the basic processes implementation is successful, other processes could be tailored to suit to your organization.

This video would provide you with my tips on managing your real world project better.

What is Project Management?

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Let's take a small project "Tea preparation for 100 people" (milk added).

Now, if two people have been given this project separately, how are the chances that the taste of the tea (project outcome) would be the same?

Most likely, the taste may differ!

What if both of them have been given a common set of instruction to prepare the tea?

Most likely, the taste may be consistent.

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